2017 PR Bucket List







2016 was a whirlwind of twists and turns. It’s only natural to start 2017 with your best foot forward. Here's a "bucket list” that will guarantee to energize your PR strategy. Are you ready to take these on for 2017?   

*      Try VR (Virtual Reality)

Computer-generated 3D simulation is quickly making its way to the top. We are curious to see the awe-inspiring PR campaigns that will take advantage of this new tech tool. Imagine providing your client’s audience with a virtual environment that effectively showcases and communicates amazing experiences.

*      Integrate Snapchat in the mix

PR is all about establishing strong connections with the public. If your campaign is all about reaching Millennials, don’t miss out on the powerful opportunity a platform like Snapchat provides. Future events can easily be accompanied by an awesome geo tag or sticker.

*      Give traditional pitching another chance

We know that getting on the phone to pitch can be time consuming, especially when working on tight deadlines. Even though sending a press release via email saves time, let’s not forget that establishing a strong working relationship with the media will be better for your placements in the long run. Work on your script and make that call! Plus, a more informed editor or reporter has the potential to spend more time on writing a thorough story.

*      Make those e-blast campaigns (way) more interactive

Isn’t it wonderful how you can send a personalized message to thousands of people in a matter of seconds? If you sprinkle these emails with interactive components, the response can be greater.  When the audience loves a brand, they want to engage. Make it easier for readers to engage on social media by embedding a tweet or interesting video they can easily share with friends.

*      Become a live-streaming master

I know what you’re thinking, seeing a live-stream of your neighbor walking the dog is never really interesting. Thankfully, the events, programming, and activities you develop for your clients are much more compelling than your neighbor’s pooch. Embrace live-streaming and let people know about the amazing things your client is doing in the community.

*     Emojis

Use emojis. They are really cute and can give your message that oomph it might be missing. Social media is where most people showcase their mad emoji skills, but use them sparingly and when it makes sense. I’ve already seen emojis in advertisements and print promotional materials. Get out of your comfort zone and give this new “language” a try.

*      Shake up those titles

If you are in a position to make decisions about employee titles, consider the following. Doesn’t Chief Troublemaker sound more interesting than CEO?  I think so!  If you choose to implement this idea, tag us on twitter @ComunicadPR to let us know the titles you come up with.

*      Catch’em all

No, we don’t mean Pokémons, although Pichu and Togepi are out there now!  Anyhow, augmented reality was a hit for the Pokémon Go app. You never know how effective certain technological advances will be for your business or client until you try it. Be on the lookout for those innovative tools that can make your activations stand out from the competition.

*      Stick to emails, not testaments

Did you know that on average, your coworkers receive 85-120 emails per day? Here’s how you can be a part of the solution! Take the 50-150 words email challenge. The next time you prepare an email, be as concise and to-the-point as possible. If you notice that this becomes a hard task, consider picking up the phone, or giving your co-worker a quick visit.  Save time and increase productivity. You’re welcome!

*      Don’t forget about your work family

It is everybody’s job to come up with team building ideas that will make an agency stronger, more efficient, and engaged.  Simple things like personality tests that showcase strengths can make a big difference. At Comunicad, we catch up on life and work with each other during the lunch break. A few team building efforts can include a picnic or celebrations of birthdays to create good memories.

Tell us what’s on your bucket list?  Follow us on twitter @ComunicadPR and let us know what else we should try in 2017. 

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By Gloria Rodríguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC