In Absence of Spanish Media Dollars, Genuine Engagement Delivers Results

It’s not uncommon that decision-makers who are tasked to capture segments of the $1.5 trillion U.S. Hispanic market find themselves stretching each of their consumer marketing or community outreach dollars. In many cases executives are unable to align, or in some instances commit, brand-related efforts with a Spanish-language media budget due to the impact of costs.

If this is your situation and you’re concerned if brand awareness can be sustained in the Latino mindset without the support of big Spanish-language advertising dollars, be assured that you absolutely can succeed in achieving your goals.

Here are two takeaways that the public and private sector can consider for successful engagement:

  • Brand/product context Truly, it’s about acknowledging the immediate and long-term needs and interests of Hispanic life, family, community and culture.

  • Integrated communications framework – Make sure that what you communicate through your general market advertising is not imitated in the Hispanic market. Make a better Latino cultural connection. Relevancy is fundamental.

In my experience, Latino consumers are engaging with brands and/or understanding important issues better when the initiatives or campaigns are delivered through culturally relevant and genuine information.

Google shows that U.S. Hispanics continue to be mobile power users and over-index in video consumption. Coupled with Latino-focused strategic outreach and social media placement, companies and organizations can afford an entryway to secure attention, credibility and interaction with U.S. Hispanic audiences.

For corporate America, connecting in today’s U.S. Latino market space filled with Hispanic Millennials, Gen X, and boomers, is certainly attainable without solely relying on Spanish advertising dollars.

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By Gloria Rodriguez / President & CEO, Comunicad

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