Abundance of Hispanic Engagement Possibilities for 2015

As we wind down this calendar year, for many of us, strategic work for 2015 has already begun. In the new year, brands will continue to touch U.S. Hispanic consumers with innovative or sustained initiatives.

There is an abundance of in-culture engagement possibilities. But, if engaging with the Hispanic market still seems overwhelming for your company or organization, just remember to start small, test, learn and apply your learnings. Here are some quick points to remember about the U.S. Hispanic market for your next conversation or brainstorm about multicultural marketing:

  • 66,000 Hispanics turn 18 every month
  • Dora the Explorer outsells Barbie
  • Hispanic spending power represents over $1.5 trillion, equivalent to the 12th global largest economy
  • Hispanics over-index in mobile technology
  • Latinas continue to be a driving force behind purchasing power
  • Tortillas outsell burgers and hot dogs
  • Three of the most important issues for U.S. Latinos are health, education and jobs

Comunicad will continue to research, package, and provide trending information to help our Blog readers understand how they can connect better with the Latino community and influencers. Our commitment for 2015 and beyond remains strong to serve as your primary source for information and inspiration on the opportunities and benefits of engaging with the U.S. Hispanic/Latino market.

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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By Gloria Rodriguez, President & CEO, Comunicad

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