Becoming a Legend

how to become unforgettable in every way   


Your personal brand already exists, whether you were consciously building it or not. Other people’s perception of you, what they say to you or about you is how people categorize you.  With the influence of digital media, it is easy to find out almost everything about a person such as their favorite movie, the last place they ate, where they work, and where they’re vacationing. The options are limitless. Today, people have access to information at the palm of their hands. It is easy to fall into a very slippery slope with your opinions plastered on comments and posts on your social media. It is time to think twice before posting something you may later regret. Yes, building and maintaining your personal brand is a MUST, especially for any aspiring PR Pro. 

People do business with people, and by building a strong personal brand you are allowing others to identify you, while gaining trust and respect. With that, comes integrity and credibility, two vital characteristics of a brand whether it be a person, place or thing. It’s about building a signature form of yourself, finding your voice, and being recognizable in a crowd. Whether it is for your readers, your fans, or your business growth, you represent yourself.  As an entrepreneur, I am a brand and always cognizant about how I project myself. At the end of the day, what I say to a person and how I make them feel makes a difference to my brand. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur or working for a well-established company, you are out there on your own, representing yourself and building a reputation. Here are the three major keys on building a strong personal brand:

1.    Cleaning out your social media closet
First things first, your public social media networks need to be consistent with who you want to portray. Social media is a double-edged sword, make sure there is appropriate content on those channels you keep public. In fact, keep work and personal accounts separate. When you are purposely treating all of your social platforms as extensions of your personality and self, your followers will have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for. Find out what you like and what you want to be known for and work towards that. If one day you do go viral, there will be nothing to be ashamed of. 

2.    Be You(rself)
Because everyone else is already taken. Ask yourself “who am I? Who am I not? What do I have, that nobody else does?” It is very easy to get lost in a crowd, particularly in social media, where everyone is seeking the spotlight. Start by determining your area of expertise, embrace who you are and what makes you unique. If your stage is social media, your audience is looking for someone trustworthy, honest, and real with whom they can relate. Speak from a place of knowledge, be respectful to your audience, don’t marginalize people, and soak yourself in information before addressing an issue. 

3.    Network, work, work, work, and work 
Let’s face it, you cannot be two different people, your social media personality should merge seamlessly with your face-to-face personality and branding. While your social media branding is on point, your everyday interaction should be at the same level. Engage with other people in your field, influencers who have connections, and anybody else who could help you spread the word about your expertise. The more you network, the better. Speak from a place of knowledge and power, keep consistency with your social media. You are your own best promoter, if you don’t talk about yourself and what matters to you, no one will.

Remember that the process of creating a personal brand is ongoing. Sometimes brands and products need to be redesigned or refocused, and this could happen to you too. Today could be the day that you reinvent yourself and start building on your personal branding. We know, the industry is always changing, so make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends.  Building a personal brand takes time, if you don’t stay relevant, your time will be wasted. 

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By Gloria Rodríguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC