Corporate Social Responsibility in a digital world

Comunicad staff talks about the benefits of social media for CSR

We recognize the impact of social media as it relates to corporate social responsibility and we make it a point to integrate the tool throughout our PR/marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at what our team has to say about the benefits of utilizing social media for corporate social responsibility programs.  

“Social media has made it possible for small programs that have little to no traditional media budget to reach a large audience, gain credibility, and grow. Social media is especially valuable to create awareness for companies’ CSR programs and build a sense of trust in the communities.”  Carmen Marsans, SVP Client Services

“The public and private sector have transformed the way they do business in a digital world, especially when it comes to CSR efforts. When social media puts the bull's eye on what companies are doing, right or wrong, you have to plan and be ready.”  María Ibañez, VP Strategy Communications & Digital Media

“Listen. Engage. Incorporate. Build. Repeat. We are bombarded with articles about content creation, outreach, storytelling, visuals, and analytics. Listening and engaging with consumers can help companies evolve from conventional community program models to co-creating community driven solutions.” Mónica Cortés, SVP Strategy Development

“Advancements in technology have broadened the way we communicate today.  Social media enables businesses to maximize two-way communication, add meaningful value, expand brand positioning and reach a wider audience.”  Rose Vazquez, Client Services Supervisor 


“There is no secret social media recipe or a step-by-step guide for elevating a brand through social impact. Constant shifts in communications have revolutionized the way brands promote their social impact efforts from initial planning to successful execution.” Shalimar Alió, Senior Lead, Client Services

“It is great to see the evolution from traditional to digital media in the past 10 years. There is no question about the reach a well-thought-out and integrated social media campaign can provide to a CSR initiative.” Tina Rodríguez, Chief Strategy Officer

“Social media is about storytelling and creating an experience for consumers. CSR has the components a great storyteller needs. Companies must take advantage of the endless possibilities social media platforms offer to connect with consumers.” María José (MJ) Sandoval, Media Relations Account Executive

“Simply put, social media provides an awesome array of tools for corporations to connect with the consumers. Just like digital platforms, not all CSR initiatives are the same. With the right kind of strategy, there can be positive outcomes.” Leslie Linares, Media Relations Assistant


“We are storytellers by nature. Digital platforms allow us to engage with different audiences and communities to tell those stories. We can showcase our clients with campaigns that integrate Facebook Live, photos, videos, etc. in ways like never before.” Ileana Webb, Media Relations Assistant 


“The power of social media is the ease and convenience of sharing, hearing, reading, and learning about all different kinds of stories from all over the map. For a company setting out to help people (or the planet) through CSR initiatives, social media is a way to show rather than just tell.” Alex Cummings, Account Executive

“Social media provides opportunities to strengthen the connection between a company and the public so it requires a transparent strategy. Consumers are smart and can spot the lack of authenticity quickly. Give your CSR program a unique voice.” Silvia Marsans, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

“Social media for CSR outreach allows companies to have direct communication with their target audience and build loyalty and awareness while creating a positive image. Companies with CSR initiatives have the opportunity to share with the world how their work is making a difference.”  Katherine Bonilla, Intern

"Social media as part of a CSR strategy is very important to promote the corporation’s impact on the communities they serve. Using social media for CSR outreach should have a permanent place in all-things PR.” Graciela Corral, Intern 


There you have it!  We can take advantage of every new advancement in technology to communicate a CSR message. It has to be done with thoughtful strategic planning and cultural intelligence to truly engage with the target audience — that’s how we do it.  All the pros need to be on the lookout for the right digital or tech tool that can be integrated into a brand campaign. Clients trust us to provide the best mediums in which their message will be more visible. Utilize social media as your outlet of choice to tell your CSR story. You have to go for it, or you’ll be left behind.  

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By Gloria Rodríguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC