Day 1: The Latin-Blazers Series – Hispanicize 2017

3 Creators Who Crushed their Branded Campaigns

Insights and examples of success flooded this session with Laura Sanchez, Claudia Martinez, Jairo Orozco and Bryan Rojo. It was refreshing to see millennials who are creating relatable, fun and useful content to entertain and also inform their followers. These influencers have millions of followers across all platforms and, of course, brands seek them out to establish that special and personal connection with their audience. This doesn't happen easily and sometimes the sponsorship or brand style is not in sync with the creator. 

Aha moment:
The creator perspective--do not partner with a brand unless you have the flexibility to be yourself. The brand perspective--do your homework and only sponsor content that will get you closer to your target audience.
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"Influencers can connect with an audience in a way a brand can't. It's personal and relatable." @Kloquis #Hispz17 @hispanicizeevent

Pictured: Claudia Martínez talking about her brand experience as a creator.

Storytelling Rules & Tricks for SnapChat and Instagram

Shaun Ayala a snapchat artist, Andrea Espada, Chuy Garcia, and Reno Rojas, Instagram storytellers give insights on how to create content for Instagram, Snapchat and other content sharing platforms. Each platform provides a unique experience and the best chance to reach the widest audience is to use multiple platforms. For some, snapchat is about being personal, for others Instagram is for showcasing your story.  Whatever the case, the content shared must be original, relevant content that talks something you're familiar with. Content that people can relate to others is key. The best content will always be empathetic, whether it is funny, personal, or adventurous.

Aha moment:
Top tips from the creators:
Shaun: Create content that you like
Chuy: Stay true to your content
Andrea: Be yourself and have fun
Reno: Invest in the quality of your video
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- If you wanna grow your audience you have to collaborate. - Andrea EspadaTV #Hispz17 @hispanicizeevent

Harnessing the power of technology to meet the needs of bicultural Latinos

The power of the bicultural audience cannot be ignored said multicultural experts at Hispanicize 2017. Our purchasing power is at an all-time high and continues to rise. From Comcast Cable Xfinity, Javier Garcia SVP & GM of Multicultural, and Jose Velez-Silva, VP of Multicultural Marketing Communications, explain the importance of brand loyalists and how to create content that is authentic and relevant. It’s important to honor the bicultural audience because we engage in Spanish and English, many times in the same conversation. Catering to a bicultural audience means to take into consideration language, acculturation, and generational differences. Today, platforms that offer the flexibility to choose Spanish or English content is key to reach bicultural communities. 
Aha moment:
While most companies are focusing on content; we must also create a unique experience, allowing the consumers the option to watch or listen in Spanish and English. A great example of this is sports programming that provides a very personal experience for the consumer by giving them options.

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“For me it’s all about celebrating the fan.  There is no message without the fans.”  #Hispz17  @hispanicizeevent

Pictured: left to right: Javier Garcia, SVP and GM of Multicultural, Jose Velez-Silva, VP of Multicultural Marketing Communications, Borja Perez

How to work with key travel brands and destinations 

Hispanics love to travel and The Israel Ministry of Tourism is recognizing this viable target audience. The strategy involves engaging influential Latinos to visit and experience Israel first hand. Latinos use their favorite platforms to generate stories hoping to excite and inspire audiences about their travel adventures. On the other hand, the brand is interested in the demographics and need to make an investment in reaching new audiences. 
Aha moment:
Imagery and storytelling will connect you with the audience to create a win-win situation for the creator and the brand. Brands rely on influencers to offer a new and original angle to the story, the product, and ultimately, the brand.
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To influencers: "We don't need you to be on a particular platform, we're looking at the quality of your work" @MTSaskia #Hispz17 @hispanicizeevent

Pictured: Travel brands discuss the role influencers have on their marketing outreach

Keynote: Tell A Story in a Way People Will Care

Crafting a good story, as Ted Rubin tells us, has a lot to do with building relationships with everyone. Yes, everybody is an influencer in their own way. When you open yourself to listening and purposely seeking out stories, they will come to you. Once you are actively establishing relationships through networking and socializing, it will become easy to discern where the good stories lie. Ultimately the power of the story will depend on the interest of the audience and the outlet chosen to disseminate it. As long as you are well-versed in the aptitudes and behaviors of the public you are trying to reach, the story will take flight and land in the right hands where it will have a true impact.
Aha moment:
The social outlets of today facilitate relatinship-building, they are not to be mistaken with the relationship itself. Don't rely 100% on these platforms. Interaction, face-to-face connections, are the key to building invaluable trust. Creating a lasting link with your audience is an investment and as such it needs to be taken seriously.
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"Brands are from Mars, consumers are from Venus. Brands need to change the way they communicate, we all do." - @TedRubin

Pictured: Ted Rubin emphasizes on relationship-building for a powerful story