Hyper-Local CSR Goes Hispanic

Across the country and around the world, people’s hearts and pockets turn toward contributing to communities in need during the holiday season. Historically, large corporations have aligned their one-size-fits-all philanthropic and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts with their national business footprint.

It’s time that imagination takes the form of novel local Hispanic strategies that can have a greater impact.

Social media is a significant game-changing tool that has empowered the diverse Hispanic community comprised of Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and the elderly, in getting noticed and being heard. More corporations are working hard to listen and gain a better understanding of the range of needs in the communities they serve.

NPR’s special series, new boom, states that despite hard realities, millennials as a group, are optimistic about what their future holds and education is very important to them.

Designing in-culture, hyper-local strategic programs and initiatives, can be worthy of building stronger ties with multi-generational Hispanic stakeholders, consumers and influencers. With the proper local ingredients, initiatives can be replicated from local market to local market to yield a cumulative national impact.

What’s the key ingredient in Hispanic CSR? It’s the value of partnering and giving with an established local, Hispanic community-based organization or a local affiliate of an established national member organization.

While the concentration of Latino residents can be found in the top 10 DMAs, we recommend finding dynamic ways to expand the reach in large and small markets by joining forces with established Hispanic-driven, non-profit organizations to give back to communities for extended periods of time.

At a recent anti-hunger awareness initiative, Lucha Contra El Hambre/Fight Against Hunger, organized by the national Latino non-profit organization Hispanic Federation (HF) and supported by Ford Motor Company Fund, local communities, corporations and small businesses rallied to restock 11 food pantries operated by member agencies in New York City, Westchester and Long Island. For eight weeks, the HF Partners on the Go Transit Connect van will stop at different locations to pick up food collected by employee associations, clubs and individuals.

While successful Corporate Social Responsibility contributes to the bottom line, I believe that it serves a greater purpose: to strengthen all communities and build a brighter future.

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By Gloria Rodriguez

President & CEO, Comunicad

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