Stop, Look and Listen: 3 Steps about Authenticity in Hispanic Engagement

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of people asking me similar questions about how a brand can be authentic to U.S. Hispanic consumers. Usually, after raising my right eyebrow (#sass), my reply is simple and always the same: stop, look and listen!

After more than 25 years of work in Hispanic marketing communications and corporate responsibility, my thoughts have become very succinct, so it’s easy to share:

  • Stop adapting a one-size-fits-all-Latinos strategy. (Not all Latinos eat tacos #hello)
    • Examine the market as you would with other market segments: start by evaluating the demographics, language preference (some of us speak face-to-face and others post a photo on Instagram), levels of acculturation and lifestyle.
    • Learn what we are passionate about as we follow, like, and hashtag millions of times a day. #whatstrending
  • Look closely at the configuration of the Hispanic community, because it is not monolithic.
    • Sometimes it’s important to know which is the predominant ethnicity in a particular DMA and sometimes the cultural mix of the region is more relevant.  Either way, Latinos are rich with a diversity of cultural lifestyles and nuances. #hispanicheritage
  • Listen to the conversations that engage U.S. Hispanics.
    • Latinos over-index in talking, sharing, linking, and connecting. Are they connecting with your brand?

Finally, be bold and look at your value proposition. Is your brand contributing to the needs and quality of life of Latinos or should you consult with a subject matter expert? #hereforyou

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By Gloria Rodriguez
President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC
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