Studies Confirm U.S. Hispanics Leading in New Media Adoption

Recent articles/publications have reported on some of the latest studies showing that U.S. Hispanics continue to lead the general population in social media, mobile and e-commerce adoption.

Erik Sass, reporter of Media Daily News and Social Graf at MediaPost recently wrote about the BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor Study which found that Hispanic consumers are more likely to use social media for local shopping at least on some platforms. YouTube, Yahoo and Twitter are among the favorites.

Additional evidence of strong social media usage among Hispanics was also reported last month by Pew Research Center. Pew found that while Instagram remains popular among younger adults, the photo-sharing site is more popular among Hispanic and African-Americans internet users than among white internet users. In the study, they found that about one-third (34%) of online Hispanics use Instagram, as do 38% of African-Americans. By comparison, only 21% of whites use the network.

For Hispanic engagement enthusiasts and beginners, study updates like the ones noted above continue to confirm my expectation of the progression of Latinos in technology adoption. More importantly, we see the positive impact that technology brings to Latinos regarding awareness and knowledge of important issues such as education, health and the economy. U.S. Hispanics are a powerful $1.5 trillion consumer market.

For Corporate America and national organizations, here are two takeaways that can help improve Hispanic engagement:

  • Test Hispanic-friendly content to ensure it is relevant and timely to maximize participation
  • For brands with little history of Hispanic social media engagement, start with a mix of traditional media and social media communications channels

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By Gloria Rodriguez

President & CEO, Comunicad

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