Three Ways Hispanics Unite to Advocate

Recently the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) DC Chapter hosted a panel that I participated on, Hispanic Leaders in Public Relations/Public Policy. It was designed to inform and inspire the next generation of communications professionals.

Multicultural millennials engaged with thought leaders who shared knowledge and wisdom about the U.S. Latino experience particularly in the areas of advocacy, entrepreneurship, youth mentorship, cultural relevance, career advancement, and giving back. The leadership panel was comprised of distinguished influencers:

The discussion steered toward the economic and voting power of the U.S. Hispanic population.  As noted in our earlier blogs, in 2015 the estimated economic impact of this population’s consumer buying power will reach $1.5 trillion. Regarding the Latino voting power, Pew Research shows that a record 25.2 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the 2014 midterm elections just a week away, or 11% of eligible voters nationwide.

The panelists agreed that the public and corporate sector should be quick about engaging with the U.S. Latino population in a genuine manner to deliver credible impact in the areas of education, health care and jobs. Building upon a foundation of trust and reciprocity can reap rewards for everyone. Culturally speaking, more often Hispanics are uniting to:

  • Select the companies and organizations they engage with
  • Advocate through their keyboards
  • Choose where to use their consumer power

Today, Latinos are a burgeoning community of 53 million and are cultivating a strong segment of the U.S. millennial population comprised of highly acculturated, social media-dominant people. According to the panelists, an enduring differentiation is that Hispanic millennials, like their predecessors, are grounded in Latino heritage and cultural values.

What does this mean to public sector and corporate leadership? It means that collectively Hispanics want to be included at the table and in conversations that are relevant to their needs, as well as those of their families, and communities at large. What are the needs? The needs are the same ones that Latino leadership have been advocating for decades; access to good education, health care and jobs…just like everybody else.

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By Gloria Rodriguez
President & CEO, Comunicad
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