Two reasons why Hispanic Heritage Month matters

Now through October 15, in English and Spanish, you will connect or be touched by pings and things that celebrate Latino pride and inclusion.

Reason #1 – Statistics show economic power

The numbers are grounded in research. Selig Center, Nielsen, Pew Hispanic Center, and other significant sources have reported that by 2015 Hispanics will represent approximately $1.6 trillion in buying power. And, more often corporate America and large organizations are identifying engagement strategies to capture this market share.

This is an ideal time to get to know what’s relevant to the Hispanic consumer and identify cost-effective strategies with this savvy influencer.

Reason #2 – Social connectedness is a natural fit

Latinos have a great sense of social connectedness because of their frequency and level of interaction with others from all walks of life. The manner in which Hispanics/Latinos engage with brands speaks about their unique sense of community.

Hispanic Heritage Month is about connecting with the history and the future of this country. And, in today’s marketplace, when we speak of connecting, we focus on technology, where U.S. Hispanics continue to be strong mobile power users and over-index in video consumption.

In a recent Blog, we discussed how this population is ahead of the curve when it comes to digital and how they lead in adoption of new devices. 

However, for Latinos and the brands that want to reach them, engaging this population cannot exist without tangible, community-based relationships that give access to improving the quality of life for themselves, their extended families, and their network of communities.

Advertising and paid media are only part of the marketing mix.

Look beyond; think community engagement, corporate social responsibility, and social media activation.

As we look forward to the remaining weeks of Hispanic Heritage Month, Comunicad is engaging with individuals, organizations, and companies that have meaningful relationships with Hispanic/Latino communities across the country. It is with great respect and admiration that we salute all the local and national community, service, and advocacy organizations that we are honored to engage with on behalf of our clients and the communities they serve.

Comunicad has been leading the conversation on Hispanic PR for more than 25 years.

By Gloria Rodriguez, President & CEO, Comunicad

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