The Way Multicultural Millennials Accelerate Influence

I recently attended an annual event that brings together thousands of social media’s most influential multicultural content creators. It was an opportunity to engage with Latino Millennials who are at the forefront of sharing and distributing creative and engaging content across social networks YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.

The dynamics of connecting with Millennials and younger consumers makes digital/social influence an imperative. These audiences are not only important to the marketing industry but also to manage your brand’s reputation and even to create strong loyalty to a product.

At the conference, I was excited to meet, observe and listen to several hundred Latino influencers. Some are well-known and established in their field among specific target audiences, but many more are new and eager to make their mark. They cover issues ranging from food and beverage to travel and lifestyle, voter engagement and parenting. I was intrigued by them and looked closely at the amount of creativity and authenticity they each expressed. Their commitment towards providing engaging content taking their fans’ feedback into account was very notable. And, overall, for brand-building efforts, visually/digitally/social-focused content sharing was the continuous thread.

Right now, the Hispanic PR industry is in need of connecting with new content opportunities at a much faster pace. As PR professionals, we’re constantly examining pitches from influencers on a continuous basis for demands in English, Spanish, bilingual, and bicultural.

It’s safe to say that building a solid network of reliable Latino content creators for the 33-year-old and younger consumers doesn’t happen overnight. A strategic roadmap is key. Last week, the Pew Research Center reminded us that the nation’s Latino population is defined by its youth. Nearly six-in-ten Hispanics are Millennials or younger. By comparison, half of the black population and 46% of the U.S. Asian population are Millennials or younger. Among whites, the nation’s oldest racial group, only about four-in-ten are Millennials or younger (39%).

Given the opportunities to provide culturally relevant content, will brands find more ways to connect with Multicultural Millennials?
If you are looking to understand how to navigate through the sphere of multicultural content creators and influencers, here are five take-aways you need to know.  

•    Know your consumer and how you want to engage with them. Research target demographics, and online and social media behavior for that specific group. 
•    Strengthen consumer relationships through established influencers grounded in trust and transparency. 
•    Follow their social media conversations closely.
•    Choose quality over quantity. Value will drive efficiency and durability.
•    Language and culture certainly matter to the target audience and influencers.

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By Gloria Rodriguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC