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Mónica Cortés

Senior Vice President of Strategy Development

Mónica Cortés is the Senior Vice President of Strategy Development and helps to identify new business leads and foster relationships to create a pipeline of potential opportunities.

What would you say is one of your finest moments, something you’re very proud of?  
Completing my Master’s Degree in Public Administration with my National Urban Fellows colleagues. Being part of a group of change agents, learning from each other and growing as a team that is dedicated to social change has been a constant source of inspiration. 

Tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments. 
Reading a map for a considerable amount of time and then noticing the “You Are Here” sign! 

What do you like most about working at Comunicad? 
 The immediate warmth and camaraderie I felt when I joined the team. It feels like a family as soon as you step in. 

If you had to live on a deserted island, besides your family, what would you miss most? Which skills would you use to get off the island?  
Music. My family owns an industrial electrical machinery shop and I picked up all sorts of useful skills. I’m sure I could build some sort of raft to get out of there.

Name two of your top pet peeves.  
Lazy customer service and mint inside chocolate. Mint, stay out of my chocolate! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
Try to find my way out of Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, when I take my dog for a hike, hang out with friends, exercise, and nap. 


Mónica Cortés is Comunicad’s Senior Vice President of Strategy Development and will foster relationships to identify business opportunities, oversee multicultural engagement and account management. She has 18 years of work experience span both the corporate and non-profit sectors. A seasoned marketer and devoted community champion, Mónica was recently part of the AARP team where she created multicultural strategies related to brand building, membership development, and community outreach. She also designed and implemented national and local awareness campaigns to build affinity programs with the Latino community. She was the former Director of Operations for the Caribbean Cultural Center, an African Diaspora cultural arts advocacy organization in New York. In the corporate sector, Mónica was Operations Manager for the largest industrial electrical and mechanical motor repair shop in the Caribbean, successfully increasing year-over-year revenue. Mónica holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Baruch College, a Bachelor’s of Art in Anthropology and Latino Studies from Hunter College, and is a Phi Beta Kappa.

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