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Shalimar Alió

Senior Lead, Client Services

Shalimar Alió is the Senior Lead of Client Services at Comunicad, and is responsible for supporting clients and implementing social impact programs. Her expertise is developing communication campaigns nationally and internationally.

What would you say is one of your finest moments, something you're very proud of?
The opportunity as a young undergraduate student in Puerto Rico to participate in an internship and academic seminar program in Washington, D.C. During this time, I learned about the power of determination and hard work. This experience motivated me to expand my horizons and changed the course of my life!

What do you like most about working at Comunicad?
The chance to support clients with communications campaigns and corporate social responsibility initiatives that impact the lives of future generations while enhancing their brand visibility. And, the people at Comunicad are an inspiration and pleasure to work with.

What do you like to do during your free time?
Explore the world through travel, food, music and art; create new memories with friends and family; and stay active by practicing yoga, dance, and high impact workouts.

If you had to live on a deserted island, besides your family, what would you miss most? Which skills would you use to get off the island?
I would miss my IPhone and Wifi the most but would look for food and shelter to make the best out of the tropical experience. About a week later, I would create signs with the hashtag #BestConconuts and place all over the coast to promote the rescue mission to passing planes and boats interested in the profitable coconut water business.

As an advisor for clients, she ensures the quality of relationship and services. Managing public relations and marketing campaigns focused on content delivery, branding visibility and awareness, audience engagement and outreach, market penetration, and developing programs and events. Her expertise is in creating partnerships and communication campaigns for social impact programs nationally and internationally. 

Shalimar previously led event logistics, sponsor relations and communications campaigns for nonprofit organizations including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) and United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC.) Shalimar is completing a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University and has a Graduate Marketing Certificate from Georgetown University. Shalimar is a Board of Director Member of the Asociación de Líderes Hispanos, a bilingual organization whose members have participated in the Programa Jóvenes Líderes Hispanos in Spain, and CenadoresPR, a community of Puerto Rican diaspora harnessing connections and expertise to empower civil society. More recently, she was chosen to join a diverse group of 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival Scholars with the Aspen Institute’s Latinos and Society Program. The festival is an annual gathering with over 3,000 participants including big thinkers from around the globe and across many disciplines.​

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