The power of live coverage is to engage and inform in real time. We know that a few key factors come to mind before embarking on whether to go live or not. First, it must be deliberate and strategic. Second, timing and relevance are crucial. Third, you must know your audience. Understanding these factors in advance will offer guidance on your next steps. As a full-service boutique PR agency, we also trust our instincts and rely on experience to know when it’s right to consider live coverage and when it’s not.

Live coverage options today come in the form of Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, a blog or vlog. Each allows brands, corporations, and nonprofits to preserve and package an experience and share it with the widest audience possible through digital media outlets, including your favorite social networks.

Last month, we used our social networks to leverage our expertise by way of reporting our perspectives directly from Hispanicize, the largest annual gathering of Latino and multicultural trendsetters, newsmakers, and brand reps. Through Latin-Blazers, a live blog post series, live tweeting, postings on Facebook, and video interviews, we delivered our perspective from a PR point of view. It’s good to build an internal documenting process to tell the story from the perspective of your own agency or on behalf of a client. Piecing together a live coverage strategy that will yield successful results depends on considering all the elements within a specific project. Sometimes, going all out and engaging in most platforms will make the most sense. In other circumstances, a couple of channels will result in the most impact.

Live streaming is also an option, and we considered it for an event. While it might have seemed like the right thing to do initially for a client, it, in fact, would have been very wrong to do.  A live stream for another client, however, resulted in positive outcomes, because of all key factors—audience, format, and topic—were in place.  In both cases, our experience, along with our instincts, served us well. How do you tackle live coverage? Tweet us @Comunicadpr or contact us at

By Gloria Rodríguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC
Comunicad has been leading the conversation on Hispanic PR for more than 25 years