When’s the last time you updated your social impact communications strategy? If it was more than six months ago, then it’s time to do a refresh. What better time than summer to reorganize, review and refresh that plan?

Social impact, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship, community giving – these are the buzz words for what the public and private sectors are doing to show the world the good work being done in communities across the country. Whether in education, environment, politics, urban development, food insecurity or equality, social impact programs are designed to make a difference in the lives of others. But, without a CSR communications strategy, no one gets to hear about the positive work despite the investments made. More and more, consumers are interested in purpose-driven companies that are doing great things. A 2016 survey found that “73% of consumers believe companies have a responsibility to do more than just generate a profit.”

Also, as Millennials are paying closer attention to the good and not-so-good things companies are doing, now more than ever, corporate social responsibility plays a critical role in a company’s bottom line. Corporations and nonprofits are shaping communities globally with their social impact programs, but the competition to make sure the world knows about those programs is tough. While some can successfully show and tell their story, others are struggling because they don’t have a solid strategic plan, thereby allowing many great stories to just sit and bake in the sun.

At Comunicad, we specialize in working with CSR programs and initiatives that focus on reaching multicultural audiences in the U.S. and internationally. Amid our day-to-day productivity and interaction on behalf of our clients, we stand at the forefront when it comes to creating fresh new ways to reach and engage audiences. While a summertime lull might seem like a welcome break, it is an opportune time to revisit your CSR communications plan and not let it fizzle like a warm soda. Here’s how you can hit the reset button:

  • First, be honest about your strategy and dig deep to determine what’s working well, what’s not and why. How relevant is your strategy today?
  • Second, stay abreast of CSR trends, resources and data. Ask yourself if the target audience, client needs, and consumer patterns and interests are the same.
  • Third, since engagement via social media channels is now a must, it’s time to include a realistic budget if you want to create and sustain a strong presence for your client as a socially responsible champion.
  • Finally, check your analytics. How well are you using online and social networking communications channels to engage with the target audience and share the content, whether paid or organic?

Have a great summer!

By Gloria Rodríguez, President & CEO, Comunicad, LLC
Comunicad has been leading the conversation on Hispanic PR for more than 25 years