Nowadays, it’s common to find yourself talking about the differences between Millennials and baby boomers in the workplace. As a Latina who happens to be a Millennial, I enjoy the back and forth discussions about our multigenerational and multicultural differences.

I am a junior majoring in public relations at FIU (Florida International University) and this summer, I have the privilege of interning with a talented, diverse group of multigenerational and multicultural professionals at Comunicad LLC, a PR and marketing agency. Comunicad embraces up-and-coming and seasoned professionals and the diversity that each person brings to the table.

Every day, I see first-hand how Comunicad strategically blends its diversity and cross-cultural experiences with their expert knowledge in PR, marketing, program development, CSR, and relationship building. It’s a unique combination and areas of expertise that position Comunicad as a PR industry leader helping corporations achieve successful outcomes.

As a biracial, bicultural Cuban-born Latina—Cuban father and Chinese mother—who was raised in the iconic cultural city of Miami, embracing diversity is second nature to me. Working at Comunicad has shown me that it is possible for diversity acceptance to become second nature for other companies too, but they must be open to doing it. From a Millennial’s perspective, this is what Comunicad has taught me about how to engage and embrace diversity in the workplace:

  • Set office culture and hold staff accountable to meet certain expectations so everyone is clear about the importance of engaging with each other.
  • Engage and talk often. Email and texting are fine, but one-on-one conversations can open the door to new and fresh ideas.
  • Recognize and value the knowledge of each staff person.
  • Learn from your peers and colleagues. It can be very rewarding so take advantage of all resources around you – you can acquire knowledge for free!
  • Encourage and make time for open and honest communications.
  • Offer diversity training to current and new employees.

I want to thank Comunicad for showing me how a diverse workforce can also be a strategic advantage that can result in success for the company and its clients. It’s been a great experience that I know will serve me well throughout my career.

By Yulissa Montes De Oca, Account Executive Intern, Comunicad, LLC
Comunicad has been leading the conversation on Hispanic PR for more than 25 years