Social media is a key ingredient for reaching a large audience quickly. To do so strategically, that also means considering the right kind of visual aid, in this case, GIFs, to generate interest. Social media is an important component to engage with our target audience. Comunicad does it in English and Spanish every day with GIFs. Here are a few ways we amplify our day-to-day experiences at the office. #ComunicadGoals

1. Coffee (we prefer Espresso), in all fairness, should be considered an industry standard. Our Espresso machine gives us the energy elixir every morning. Every PR pro needs a good source of power and vitality; at Comunicad, this buzz is achieved with Colombian coffee beans. Even our lattes are culturally intelligent.


2. When you have Fortune 100 corporations as your clients, daily media monitoring is a must. We start our day in search of late-breaking news that may require immediate attention, and check the analytics to track our content. Only after this, we can move on with a happy and tranquil grin.

3. Cultural intelligence, our specialty, is not easy to come by. Lots of brainstorming sessions are necessary to devise strategies that will make a campaign successful and yield a robust ROI for the client. At a brainstorming, the sky is the limit. No idea is a bad idea and, with our creative minds, we know how to meet the client’s goals.


4.You know the motto ‘the customer is always right’?  Well, we agree. Our team is composed of great listeners, and we also have the expertise to discern between an idea that will generate a positive impact and one that won’t. Our clients trust us. We use our experiences, breadth of knowledge and research to make the case, create the concept and activate the plan that will align with the client’s objectives and goals.

5. Some of you might not know that we are Spanish-language geeks… it is our native language from Latin America and the Caribbean. The campaigns we manage require extensive English <> Spanish translations. Not all Spanish is the same. Each country has its own nuance, and a word with a positive connotation in Puerto Rico can have a derogatory meaning in Chile. Thus, great attention—and our cultural intelligence–to transcreate the details is required.

6. Content creation is one of our many passions and we do it well. Today, with the span of social networks, the possibilities for developing engaging and innovative campaign components are endless. We take the bull by the horns and get creative with everything from social media posts, live video, blog posts, articles, graphics, and more!  Follow us! @Comunicadpr

7. And then there’s networking. Yes, at Comunicad, we are social butterflies. True PR pros know how to work a room and connect with people effortlessly. At this point, it comes naturally to us. So, if you’re looking for some pointers on the art of relationship building, send an email our way, and we’ll get you started. Practical solutions to social challenges. See! We just connected with you over a blog post. #ComunicadGoals

8. It’s hard to reach big goals without a great team, but it’s also hard to develop meaningful teamwork practices without solid and clear communications. We are teammates and coworkers. Good thing we are in the business of public relations! There’s no denying that two heads work better than one. The inclusion of everyone’s perspective will lead to bigger and better ideas and intents.

9. And at the base of it all is, the sometimes dreaded but never trivial, RESEARCH. Simply put, at its core, every campaign needs the facts, stats, and analytics. Especially when we are implementing a multicultural approach, there’s a need for both understanding and portraying to our client all the data regarding the audience, outlets, strategies and even competitors that are pertinent to the new venture. No ethical PR professional would propose a plan without basing it on the facts.

10. Then comes the moment when all our hard work pays off. And there lies the beauty of working with social impact or corporate social responsibility programs. It is only when we pack our bags, get to the venue and start seeing the faces of all the people who benefit by the programs we either create or collaborate on with our clients, that we see first-hand how essential and meaningful is the work that we do.

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