When our communities are in need, we have to step-up.  

I planned to celebrate Women’s Month by writing about the combined strength of the women at Comunicad by highlighting their backgrounds, expertise, passion, vision and dedication to our clients’ work. Then, enter the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and my plans to honor my staff during Women’s Month had to wait. I went into action, focusing on the crisis at hand and finding quick solutions – how to continue providing excellent work to our clients during the pandemic, while keeping us all healthy.  

For nearly four decades, corporations have approached Comunicad because of our reputation for the success of our clients’ programs and communications campaigns, our professional philosophy grounded on experience, resilience, and adaptability, and our ability to seize opportunities where some may see hurdles. Here was yet another opportunity to help our clients, to make sure that their efforts were recognized, and their goals were still met.  A crisis doesn’t imply immunity from performance, and sooner or later markets will judge which companies managed the challenge most effectively during unexpected crises. Helping companies and organizations with this challenge is in Comunicad’s DNA. So, we adapted and implemented creative strategies taking advantage of new virtual opportunities. As many around the world have done, to curb the spread of COVID-19, we set up office in our respective homes, practicing social distancing. Our virtual collaboration is seamless. We continue to work as a team, including virtually connecting each morning with team members and interns that had to return to their respective countries.  

As we have done many times, including during the recent earthquakes and hurricanes in Puerto Rico, where we created the infrastructure for our client, Ford Motor Company Fund – the philanthropic arm of Ford –  to help affected communities, we have identified social needs for our clients in response to COVID-19 so that they can quickly adapt their resources to help their communities in need.   

And today, as I work from my home office with the company of my canine, Chief Dog Officer Napoleon,   and take a few minutes to  look out my window from where I can see the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees across the Key Bridge, I realized this blog is still about celebrating the women in my staff! We continue to create and communicate, not just because of technology, equally important is the individual commitment, hard work and creativity of my staff. I marvel at how we connect, communicate, engage and continue to support each other professionally and personally. We work hard and we take time to play, sending each other memes that make us laugh and inspirational quotes and music that lifts our spirits.   

It is an honor to nurture and lead the women …and men … of Comunicad and provide the scaffolding to make a difference for our clients. Our trajectory is in synergy with fellow women leaders of private, public and non-for-profit organizations, community-based groups, small business enterprises and influencers, who serve and help the world be a better place. 

And that is why we celebrate this month– the women leaders who will take us to the next level!  


Gloria Rodriguez, President and CEO, Comunicad