Twenty-Twenty comes to an end and what a ride it has been.  It was “the best of times and the worst of times.” We now enter the Holiday season in a sleigh ride of dueling health and economic pandemics, with a new reality of social distancing that redefines the traditional gatherings with loved ones.  Nonetheless, we must celebrate.

The list of reasons to celebrate is as long as 2020 felt.  We have been resilient, we have reorganized family life, digitalized our lives, reinvented ourselves in a new dynamic virtual world, shared our recipes and our coping ideas, exercised our bodies and our right to vote, donated food, money, and volunteered our time.

At Comunicad we are grateful for the ability to help our clients touch the lives of thousands of people through programs that have an impact on the quality of life for many in our country and beyond its shores.   Changing the human experience sometimes is done one post at a time; one virtual book reading; one virtual event that touches the lives of thousands through music; and volunteering for hunger relief activations.  Our vast network of more than 500 nonprofit partners helped us to deliver extraordinary initiatives all year long, facing head on the challenges of COVID-19 in support of the crucial needs of underserved communities. We are proud and send Holiday wishes to our virtual community–the human force behind the more than 330,000 people engaged through our programs’ promotions and digital campaigns.

Effecting impactful change is rewarding. It can be accomplished through a genuine desire to empower others by giving resources that offer solutions and help keep the faith that they can move forward.

If we are to impact positive change, the right cultural approach and messaging must resonate with present societal challenges and engage trusted community collaborators that have earned the trust of our diverse population. And for that we celebrate our clients and partners.

Service fills the heart with love. This Holiday season we also celebrate those who dedicated their efforts to social and racial equity–those whose fearless passion took them to the streets to defend democracy and human rights; and in doing so, started a movement that is making a difference now and will do so for years to come.

Individually, we can also be of service. Let’s remember that change starts with the power of one.  Be an angel of goodwill this Holiday season and impact one person at a time. We can all move forward with hope, compassion, enthusiasm, gratitude and a joyful goodwill for each other.

Consider redirecting your giving this season to one of the many organizations that are helping a myriad of communities in areas such as hunger relief, educational resources, access to healthcare, mental health workshops and training for those who are jobless and must learn new skills to find employment. When looking for organizations to give to, Charity Navigator offers free online tools and resources to ensure your giving is impactful.

Let’s also remember the power of words in our everyday interaction with people. Words can bring us together or divide us.  We all have a level of responsibility to speak with respect, to bring peace and reconciliation through valuing our differences, thus helping create a more understanding and gentle society. Be kind, one person at a time.

Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and keep your faith in the future!

Gloria Rodriguez
President and CEO
Comunicad, LLC