Education is the Key to Changing Race Relations— It Starts in Kindergarten and Influences Leadership all the Way to the C-Suite

There are educational transformations to the academic curriculums being debated by school boards across the nation to analyze and re-position biased narratives in American history and how civic lessons are taught in K-12. School boards are as divided as the political landscape, with the right espousing a “cancel culture” posture and the left embracing the […]

Honoring Our Own Trailblazer During Women’s History Month

A call to raise each other up! Last year, Women’s History Month was upstaged by the biggest threat we can recall in recent history to our health, liberty of movement and the economy—an omen of the disproportionate and devastating impact on women– especially the front-line responders and essential workers, community volunteers, health professionals and caregivers […]

Celebrating Black History Month: Love Is the Answer to a More Inclusive American History

February is a month dedicated to honoring Black History and to focus on the many contributions of Black Americans to the greatness of our nation, achievements that are often ignored and not seen as part of our collective history — Black history is American history. This month offers yet another opportunity to focus on the […]

Cultural Distrust of Vaccination Is Deep

We entered 2021 with high hopes of beating COVID-19 and stopping the horrific loss of life in our country, which at present surpasses 416,000 deaths. Two highly effective vaccines have been developed, approved, and vaccinations have started in the United States, opening a path to ending the pandemic. Yet, in the Hispanic and Black communities, […]

Census Challenges in a Changing Demographic Landscape–Marketers Take Note

The 2010 U.S. Census has been challenged by marketers for two decades for undercounting segments of the minority population, particularly Latinos. The 2020 count is set to encounter the historically unprecedented obstacle of COVID-19 in its effort to mobilize community outreach that now requires social distancing protocols.  Particularly challenging is the historic lack of trust […]

The Language of Leadership and Communicating to Enact Change

Leadership development and cultural intelligence are crucial to implementing successful communications strategies. The CEO of a company and its top leadership are an integral part of the commitment to change, especially in response to the current movement that demands action beyond rhetoric. A new narrative rooted in cultural understanding is key to a cohesive voice […]