Doing Well While Doing Good – Digital Impact and the Spirit of Giving

This is a Christmas story of sorts about Bad Bunny, a 27-year-old successful Puerto Rican rapper who turned benefactor and created the Puerto Rico based Good Bunny Foundation in 2018. Bad Bunny chose philanthropy after winning numerous awards including a GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY®, earning a fortune while creating a huge social impact platform with […]

Ronald Blackburn-Moreno — a Leadership Legacy of Integrity and Impact on Generations of Hispanic Youth

News of the passing of Ronald Blackburn-Moreno prompted a wave of mourning from Hispanic leaders and other advocates of Diversity and Inclusion across the nation — many became friends as fellow pioneers in an era championed by Blackburn-Moreno’s Board leadership, passion, devotion, and love for the Hispanic community.  Leading Hispanic NGOs and Latino corporate leaders […]

Roberto Clemente’s Spirit of Giving Lives On

Homage to a baseball glory who unites us through the ages Nearly 50 years since Roberto Clemente’s fatal plane crash those who love baseball — Hispanics and Non-Hispanic boomers alike — will remember where they were when the news broke on New Year’s Eve 1972. In the midst of the celebrations, we learned that Clemente […]

Corporate Culture Shifts

Re-define DE&I and CSI Models in the New Hybrid Workplace Corporate America is undergoing a deep cultural change that cascades from the C-Suite to the mail room.  CEOs are challenged to lead in times of COVID and financial crisis, while defending trusted brands in response to social unrest and managing a remote workforce. The workforce […]

The New DE&I Requires Courage, Transparency, and Empathy to Create Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace has evolved beyond creating a productive multicultural and diverse work environment. In recent DE&I discourse, thought leaders are pioneering efforts to ensure the psychological safety of their employees amidst risks that involve racism, sexual harassment, homophobia, COVID exposure, passionate political divisiveness, and workplace violence. Psychological safety according to […]

Education is the Key to Changing Race Relations— It Starts in Kindergarten and Influences Leadership all the Way to the C-Suite

There are educational transformations to the academic curriculums being debated by school boards across the nation to analyze and re-position biased narratives in American history and how civic lessons are taught in K-12. School boards are as divided as the political landscape, with the right espousing a “cancel culture” posture and the left embracing the […]