Gloria Rodríguez

President & CEO

Gloria Rodríguez is the Founder, Visionary Storyteller and CEO of Comunicad, LLC. She founded Comunicad in 1985, and since that time she has been at the forefront of the multicultural communications evolution in the United States and Latin America.

Gloria has been a visionary and pioneer in the public relations industry with an unparalleled track record in implementing successful campaigns in mainstream and multicultural markets that spans over three decades. Under her leadership, Comunicad has successfully carried out campaigns that make the business case for corporations to implement philanthropic and corporate social responsibility programs that address issues affecting local, national and international communities.
She began her career as the only Hispanic producer of a major media market as part of the Metromedia News team. As CEO of Comunicad, Gloria has led the agency through the conception and successful implementation of multicultural brand awareness and community engagement campaigns for iconic American corporations, such as the Ford Motor Company, Freddie Mac, AARP and Carnival Cruises. 

Gloria considers giving back and mentoring others an important part of her work. Throughout her career, Gloria has mentored countless men and women looking to make a difference in various industries, especially young Latinas aspiring to break through the public relations industry. She also devotes a good deal of her time writing about the latest trends, strategies, and tactics on Cultural Intelligence and Brand Communications.

She served in several advisory boards for major Hispanic organizations in the U.S., including the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Cuban American National Council; she’s on the Board of Directors for the Center for Latino Initiatives at the Smithsonian Institution. She also serves on the board of Centro Fox, the first Presidential library in Latin America.

Gloria is a member of the Hispanicize Advisory Board of Leaders, the largest annual gathering of Latino trendsetters and newsmakers for brands across the world. She also serves on the board of Excelencia in Education, an organization with the mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education through effective programs, powerful strategies and timely research.