Brand Revitalization

When a century-old organization asked us for a modern makeover, we delivered an awareness campaign with a mission

The Challenge

After nearly 100 years of serving veterans, DAV (Disabled American Veterans) faced competition from a growing number of veteran-serving organizations. DAV sought to increase its visibility among the U.S. veteran community, reassert itself as a proactive veteran-serving organization and attract new members. Research indicated DAV needed to refresh its brand while retaining the organization’s core values.

The Approach

Our first task was to refresh DAV’s identity with new logos, imagery and designs. We also created style guidelines and an Internal Language Guidebook to help DAV’s staff adopt the brand’s new voice, look and feel. A recruitment campaign was designed for key media markets with placements in radio, TV, movie theaters and digital media, with messaging that captured veterans’ values and lifestyles.

To further engage key markets, we created “Community of Heroes” events that brought together veterans, legislators, community VIPs and the news media to spotlight veterans and community volunteers for their commitment to helping veterans and their families. These events provided platforms to showcase local DAV offices and their services.

The Impact

The media campaign created more than 241 million media impressions in its first year. The numerous headlines and positive coverage about DAV successfully increased its visibility as a key player among veteran-serving organizations.