Corporate Social Responsibility

We drive a social impact legacy for America’s automotive powerhouse

The Challenge

To help fulfill its mission of making people’s lives better while building long-lasting relationships with local communities, Ford Motor Company Fund engaged Comunicad to develop a youth-focused program that would inspire and enable underserved students in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Panama and Mexico to achieve their career dreams by pursuing higher education.

The Approach

Comunicad designed and implemented Ford Driving Dreams, a multimedia and multicultural initiative that connects Ford Fund, nonprofits, Ford dealers, teachers and parents to empower local students to pursue their professional goals. Ford Driving Dreams provides a platform to share inspiring stories of how these partnerships propel academic success of local youth through literacy initiatives, scholarships, leadership programs and other career-building resources.

The Impact

Since 2012, Ford Driving Dreams has helped more than 100,000 students reach their academic and career goals. In 2016, Ford Driving Dreams delivered more than 400 million impressions in traditional media and 24 million in social media.

Ford Driving Dreams was selected as one of the White House’s Bright Spots in Hispanic Education for its efforts to help reduce high school dropout rates.

“The Ford Driving Dreams scholarship means opportunity to me.  I am very lucky to have received it, and I am forever grateful. I was worried about how I would finance my studies. Having the Ford Driving Dreams scholarship helped me bridge that financial gap.  I can now focus on my studies.”

Belén Cosme, 2016 Ford Driving Dreams Scholar