Digital Campaign

We’ve been helping these legendary craft-beer pioneers tap into the Latino community since 2006

The Challenge

In 2006, Coors Light commissioned Comunicad to enhance a Latino initiative designed to feature Latino leaders into a program that would highlight and empower up-and-coming Latino leaders to best serve their communities. The program would further build enduring relationships with the fastest-growing market segment in the United States: the Hispanic market.

The Approach

Our strategy is grounded in increasing Coors Light’s engagement with bicultural Millennials through social media. To reach this goal, we developed a year-long Coors Light Líderes program, a professional leadership development initiative that mobilizes hundreds of Hispanic communities around the U.S.  each year through a public online voting competition, a national advertising campaign and community outreach. The program highlights the work of emerging Latino leaders and their impact in their communities, and offers resources for further community empowerment and development.

The Impact

Since 2006, the Líderes program has generated 70 million calls for nominations, 18 million website visits and hundreds of millions of impressions in related news—in 2016 alone the overall impressions reached 392 million. These results have successfully positioned Coors Light Líderes as a renowned corporate social responsibility program, recognized by national and local Latino leaders as one of the most powerful and influential initiatives of its kind.

“It has been a real privilege to be part of the Coors Light Líderes group and had a ton of fun in the process. Being a part of the Coors Light Líderes has been very rewarding for me, both personally and professionally. All of the support that I’ve received from my organization, peers and friends has helped me realize how fortunate I really am. So again, a special thank you to you, your team, Coors Light for allowing me to be one of the 12 finalists; win or lose its been a great privilege.”

Leonardo Alvarez, 2016 Coors Light Líderes finalist